The crown jewels of our portfolio are the Clark Hotel and the Hillside office complex. These two of our inboard projects represent the functional diversity, high quality and innovative worldview of our company.

Clark Hotel

Hotel Clark is a unique luxury hotel operated by UNIONE-CLARK Ltd., built in 2017, located at the "0" mile-post, in the symbolic epicenter of Budapest.

Clark fills a hole in the life of the city with its historical heritage, therefore having an unquestionable importance.

This plot in Clark Ádám Square has a history of its own, with many urban legends surrounding this area.

During the project unmatched exquisiteness and humility was needed, as well as excellent internal communication in order to properly restore one of the most symbolic locations of Budapest. Our solution reflects both the heritage of the past and the needs and trends of our modern age.

This exclusive hotel with a unique interior design provides perfect accommodation for business related and touristic trips alike. The comfortable, fully equipped rooms, as well as the Leo sky bar on the rooftop offer a unique panorama on one of Budapest's most well-known symbols, the Chain Bridge.

Thanks to the favourable location of the building, the hotel can offer an exclusive view for its guests, that is not available from any other spot in the city.

  • 670 m2
  • 7 floors
  • 86 rooms
  • sky terrace
  • 2 parking floors (with elevator)

The hotel has been materialized completely as a project of UNIONE GROUP, from the planning, through the construction works, right to the operational tasks of the fully functioning hotel.

  • charging station for electric cars
  • green wall
  • handicap accessible
  • energy efficient heating system

HillSide Offices

Besides its elegance and forward-thinking architectural solutions, the HillSide Office Complex with Leed Gold certification meets the high expectations of efficiency, reasonable maintenance costs, and human-centered approach in its interior design solutions.

The aim of the project was to create an exclusive-looking, yet exceptionally functional environment, where creativity and personal growth is supported by the architechtural solutions both inside and outside the building. The HillSide Office Complex is a place of inspiration, that unites the downtown pulsation and the dedicatedness of business centers with the tranquility of the Hegyvidék area. The results of this vision were a futuristic architectural design, and a sustainable, environment-friendly approach that has become the characteristic of the whole project.

The building's layout allows for a highly dividable space with up to eight rental units, that can be used for hosting either open-space or divided offices. This way, it can be an ideal solution for small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies, too.

Apart from the office premises the building also leases some retail units (Day Spa, Huawei, Bang&Olufsen, Kávézug Café), and an office canteen on the ground floor. Furthermore a spacious, hotel-like lobby is situated on the ground floor, with the aim to provide comfort and optimal living space that is unusual among regular office premises. 3 rentable conference rooms are available straight from the lobby, that can also be connected into one if needed.

  • 6000 m2 plot
  • 3000 m2 contiguous surface per floor
  • Terraces of differing sizes complementing each office floor
  • 500 m2 impressive lobby"

The planning, construction and operation of the office complex has been an internal project of UNIONE GROUP.


During the planning and the construction of the building the consideration of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system has been a top priority. In 2019 the office complex got its LEED Gold classification, one of the most prestigious certifications of sustainability in the world.

Retail units and commercially utilized real estate all over Budapest

Retail units and commercially utilized real estate in our ownership can be found all over Budapest. Our leased properties are best described by their excellent locations and infrastructure, transparent terms and customized services.

Our industrial parks

The M7 Industrial Park is a 19 ha area near the M7 highway at exit 51, 5 km from Székesfehérvár, 52 km from Budapest. M7 Industrial Park is characterized by its excellent location, competitive prices, flexible terms and well-developed infrastructure.

Bátonyterenye, the home of the Industrial Park is the third biggest town of Nógrád county, center of the Bátonyterenye subregion. This production and service facility of 11 ha is located in a logistically ideal area full of natural wonders, 100 km from Budapest, 15 km from the county town, and 25 km from Slovakia.